Sometimes the grass isn't greener. It's fake.

I'm sure we're all doing a little more mindless scrolling than usual on social media. It’s easy to view everything you see on social media, day after day, and become preoccupied by it all. Obsessed even. To become more than a bit nervous about the progression of your own life. If everyone else is reaching these milestones of new jobs and weddings, babies and the buying of new houses, surely you must be doing something wrong. All of those filtered photos and well thought out status updates, never give you the whole pictures of a person.

This unrealistic ego boost can make people focus more on their fake lives, than their real ones.

You won’t ever catch a glimpse into the tears and disappointments, the missteps and periods of trial and error.

Because those things don’t make people feel better about themselves, do they? No one wants to be seen at their worst, when they’re vulnerable and scared, feeling small and helpless. People rarely voice their mistakes or misgivings, at least not on social media.

While social media has a purpose and can be helpful to keep in touch with friends and family, it is by no means real life. It is nothing more than the clacking of fingers against a keyboard, and in reality, life is made up of so much more than a 140 character limit.

Use you're time in lockdown to spend time with the people in your household, play games, get outside into the fresh air (avoiding other people of course), bake, draw, learn to play an instrument, watch movies - anything that makes you feel good and avoid being preoccupied by seeing fake impressions of others lives on social media.

Nourish your mental health not your instagram.


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