Himalayan Salt Lamps

There is lots of talk about Himalayan Salt lamps, but before putting one in our NATNOU home we decided to investigate what exactly they are and what they do.

Firstly, what are Himalayan Salt Lamps? 

They are large lumps of salt mined in Pakistan.  The centre is hollowed out and a light source inserted.

Why are they always pink?

The minerals the salt contains are what cause the lamps to be pink.

What is it claimed that they do?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are supposedly natural ionisers. They release negatively charged ions which attach to positively charged ions. These newly formed neutral particles are now heavier, can no longer be airborne and fall, taking with them the airborne toxins and allergens.  They cling to the nearest surface and can be vacuumed or wiped away.

Why do we want to get rid of positively charged ions?

Unfortunately, despite their name, positive ions are not great for our health or wellbeing.  They have been linked to an increase in allergies, depression, infections, viruses and lethargy.  Positive ions are created by both electrical equipment and pollution (among other things).

How do Himalayan Salt Lamps generate negative ions?

Salt attracts moisture.  Heat given off by the light bulb causes the attracted moisture to evaporate. It is claimed that the evaporated moisture is negatively charged.

Is it possible to find these negative ions in other sources?

The best way to immerse yourself in negative ions is to spend time outdoors, preferably away from towns and cities.  Some of the highest concentrations have been found by waterfalls and near older forests. 

The lamps are small relative to the rooms they are being put in. Can they generate enough negative ions to actually make any difference to air quality?

Those who sell the lamps claim they do, those who have doubts claim they cannot. Perhaps however, something is better than nothing?

Our conclusion

We are quite typical here at NATNOU and are surrounded by electronics and I daresay therefore, the nasty positive ions.  While there is no proof that Himalayan Salt Lamps actually work, we are getting one.  They look pretty and some are available with essential oil burners on the top; we love diffusing essential oils!  With some luck perhaps if any negative ions are created by the lamp they will negate the positive effect of the electricity used to power it.  We will also be opening the windows as often as possible to let all those naturally created negative ions flow through.

Himalayan salt lamp

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