Frequently asked questions

Do you use products or ingredients tested on animals?

NEVER! NATNOU founders grew up with many family pets and loved every signle one. We will never test products on animals - only on ourselves.

What does dermatologically tested mean?

It simply means that a dermatologist has looked into how the skin reacts to the product and its ingredients. This term isn’t particularly regulated in any way as there isn’t a standard test, so the method and depth of test can vary greatly.

What does non-comedogenic mean?

This term literally means “will not block pores” and is often found on the labels for products designed to treat acne-prone or oily skin. Sometimes products are given a rating on the comedogenic scale.

What does clinically proven mean?

This is often seen on products in the anti-ageing sector to make them sound as if they have undergone rigorous scientific testing. However it can be deceptive. “Clinically proven” usually just means a product was tried on a small number of people over a set period of time.

Do you list every single ingredient you use?

Yes. All ingredients are listed on the packaging; when the packaging does not have enough space you can also find everything listed on our site. If you have any queries regarding any of our ingredients please get in touch.

What do NATNOU do for sustainability?

All our packaging is plastic free and recyclable. You won't find any plastic bubble wrap here either, your product will arrive in a cardboard box filled with shredded recyclyed paper to protect your products during transit. Our printers who producte our labels even have their own zero waste policy.

Are all products made in the UK?

Yes! All products are handmade in Scotland.

Can I choose items for my own gift box?

Of course! Just let us know when you order that they are a gift and we can package them all together beautifully and add a personalised message.

What does NATNOU mean?

NATNOU is short for NATurally Nourishing. Every single product we offer is NATurally NOUrising to either your mind, body or soul to help you unwind your mind and recharge.